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Discodiam™ tile grinder disc

Discodiam™ tile grinder disc

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Discover the Power and Precision of Discodiam™

Never let poorly cut tiles ruin your renovation projects again.

Discodiam™, the Essential Tool for any DIYer!

Buy this professional diamond grinder for its extreme precision

The Discodiam™ makes it easier to cut marble, granite, quartz, ceramic, stone and glass. Goodbye to uneven edges and no more wasted materials!

A perfect cut in a single pass with the Discodiam™.

Test the versatility of use of this tiling disc

Whether you are equipped with an angle grinder or an electric drill, the Discodiam™ adapts to all your tools. Saving time and efficiency!

Discodiam™, an all-terrain addition to your arsenal of tools! Moreover, if your grinder allows it, you can also attach a disc to work on wood .


The Discodiam™ is made of high manganese steel. You can count on foolproof resistance and a long lifespan.

The Discodiam™, designed to withstand all your projects, even the most demanding.

At the Didoutool store, we are convinced of the quality and usefulness of Discodiam™. Our DIY and tiler customers are full of praise for it. Join them and discover the sensation of a precise and effortless cut.

Don't miss the opportunity to improve the quality of your creations with Discodiam™. Order yours today and put an end to all your tile cutting frustrations.

With Discodiam™, make your cuts with ease and precision!