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Dip funnel for engine oil

Dip funnel for engine oil

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Say goodbye to overflows with Becantonne™!

Tired of overflowing when filling your vehicle's fuel or oil tank? Or having to act like a contortionist to fill a jerrycan? Look no further, the solution is here! It is used as a motor oil funnel.

The Becantonne™, an innovative solution that makes filling your tanks and jerry cans easier and safer!


Thanks to Becantonne™, no more overflows when filling with gasoline, oil or any other liquid. Its ergonomic design allows you to hold a jerrycan in both hands without the risk of overflowing.

Take care of your vehicle and your wallet with Becantonne™.

At Didoutool, you can also buy special keys to drain your car .


The Becantonne™ offers you unparalleled durability and reliability. Made from strong ABS plastic, it is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and can be reused multiple times. An advantageous, economical and ecological investment!

Save money with Becantonne™ while respecting the environment.


The Becantonne™ is not just for mechanics. Whether you need to fill gasoline, oil, coolant, water or any other liquid, it is the tool for you. An essential for any DIYer or vehicle owner!

Opt for the Becantonne™, the essential tool for every handyman and mechanic!

Invite the conviviality of Becantonne™ into your workshop. Adopt it now from the Didoutool online store, your number 1 choice for a worry-free DIY experience.