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Fendril™ wood square hole drill

Fendril™ wood square hole drill

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Discover the Fendril™ wood square hole drill - your new essential tool for making perfect holes in wood .

This tool is put on sale by our trade site to facilitate your carpentry work. It is a material that can be easily mounted on a drill for individuals or a mortise for building professionals. 

Features :
Material: high speed steel.
Duration: HRC48-50.
8 sizes: 6.0mm, 6.4mm, 8.0mm, 9.5m, 10mm, 12.7mm, 15mm and 16mm.

This is the time when you regret not using the right equipment when you're painfully trying to make square holes in wood with the wrong tool.

The Fendril square hole mortising drill: choose the diameter that suits you on our website

The square hole drill in wood is an extremely precise tool for working on this delicate material . It allows you to make square holes with great care. It is therefore a precision tool to be used particularly for complicated jobs such as:

  • The assembly of wood in cabinetmaking to join two parts
  • Holes in wooden doors to install locks by making perfect holes in the material. 
  • Bouncing and grooving. 

For worry-free drilling on wood, this is the material you need. Once you have marked the drilling point with a construction pencil, drill using the square hole drill while pressing lightly on your machine. 

To be more comfortable in your creations, you can block the wood using a clamp . 

A small revolution to make square holes as you wish

The square wood hole drill is therefore useful for special work. Wood being a material that can be fragile when worked. This drill bit is therefore useful to avoid breaking anything using another machine. It offers certain resistance by making perfect holes and effectively eliminating wood chips. 

One thing is certain. Once used, it allows you to make all the necessary assemblies using screws or other cylindrical rods. 

Thanks to its helical shape , it allows you to complete your task in record time. This equipment is therefore necessary for individuals also wishing to save the cost of labor to carry out work at home. However, remember to practice to get the hang of it before using it on raw material. 

Here is Fendril™ in action, once again proving its indispensable value for all carpentry jobs .

See how easy it is to make square holes with Fendril™. Its sharp and durable steel guarantees perfect results every time!

Take it to the next level with the Fendril brand

So stop making your tools work harder and longer than necessary. Invest in Fendril™ and take your woodworking to the next level .

 Remember, a good worker is only as good as his tools. So don't wait any longer, come to DIDOUTOOL to find out more and acquire your own Fendril™ today.

Fendril™ - for professional results every time.

All our products are automatically guaranteed 100% satisfaction or your money back for 30 days.
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