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Honeycarb™ Wood Dowel Making Jig

Honeycarb™ Wood Dowel Making Jig

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Gone are the days spent carving wooden dowels by hand.

The Honeycarb™ wooden dowel making template from Didoutool is here to help you!
Honeycarb™ is the perfect product to add to your toolbox.


With the honeycarb™, easily and quickly create wooden dowels of different sizes and shapes.

Here's how with Honeycarb™ you can create perfect ankles.

To complete the woodworking accessories, you may also be interested in effective tools for grooving .


Our system is made from aluminum alloy for long life, able to withstand heavy workshop use.

Honeycarb™, a robust tool that stands the test of time.


Honeycarb™ is designed to work with most electric drills for convenience and speed.

An example of using the honeycarb™ with an electric drill.

Many DIYers and carpenters have told us how satisfied they are after using Honeycarb™ for their woodworking. They were impressed with the ease of use and precision of this tool.

Join the community of satisfied DIYers and carpenters and simplify your life with Honeycarb™ from Didoutool.