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Pindegrif™ staple remover.

Pindegrif™ staple remover.

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Tired of breaking your trim supports when removing them? Are you looking for a way to quickly and damage-free remove clips from your vehicle?

Here is our revolutionary tool, the Pindegrif™!


Thanks to its ingenious design, the Pindegrif™ allows rapid removal of staples, clips, door panels, fascias and trim supports without causing damage.

No need to worry about scratches or cracks on your parts. With the Pindegrif™, disassembly becomes child's play!


The Pindegrif™ facilitates access to confined areas such as bumper covers, making your job as a handyman or mechanic much easier and faster.

Take a look at how easily the Pindegrif™ can reach confined places! No need to contort yourself to remove those stubborn clips.

By the way, you can also view our strap wrench for daily mechanics .


Its ergonomic design and cushion-lined handles provide extra comfort during use, eliminating any hand fatigue or pain.

Every detail of Pindegrif™ has been thought out and designed for prolonged and comfortable use.

So, if you are a DIYer who is looking for a tool to make your job easier, or a mechanic who needs a practical tool for damage-free disassembly, the Pindegrif™ is here to help you save time and avoid hassle . !