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Elenver™ carpentry clamp

Elenver™ carpentry clamp

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Transform your Workshop into a Professional Work Area with the Elenver™ collet. A necessary tool for carpenters who need to fix their workpieces for detailed woodworking.

Say goodbye to measuring errors, unwanted movements and finishing errors that drag down the quality of your work.

This carpentry clamp is non-slip and provides great stability for your work


The Elenver™ collet is the ideal tool for all DIYers and carpenters who want to perfect their work on wood while enjoying fulfilling stability! Even for a DIY session in your garage, there is no need to call on a specialist. By blocking and securing the wooden pieces you want to make cuts on, it becomes child's play.
You just need to follow the movements as you want to perform your tasks.

The Elenver™ collet is designed with non-slip and stable clamping force at 3 pressure levels to perfectly secure your workpiece on the workbench! You can thus cut, cut or plan wood without any constraints and without the risk of slipping or false movement. This tool allows you to overcome all the instability that arises from the force of the arms when you work.

By using this accessory, you are guaranteed that your part stays in its place

Despite its light weight, the Elenver™ collet is extremely durable and practical for various tasks in the workshop!

Its sturdy construction ensures that you can rely on it to hold your parts in place, even when performing tough tasks. It is easy to use, economical and a valuable addition to your tool collection.

An economical, practical and safe accessory for fixing wood

If you are tired of spending money on undurable tools that don't meet your needs, choose the Elenver™ collet !
This has three tightening levels which offer a unique experience depending on the weight of the parts to be fixed.
With its sturdy construction and ability to withstand repeated use , it's a smart investment for all serious DIYers and woodworkers .

Choose Elenver™, the number one choice for professionals and serious amateurs. Take your art to the heart of woodworking to a whole new level. Trust DIDOUTOOL to provide you with the tools you need in just one click!

Order your Elenver™ collet now and discover how it can change your woodworking game!