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Manublot™ professional hand plane

Manublot™ professional hand plane

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  No more painful and laborious manual woodworking, thanks to our Manublot™ professional hand plane.
Are you tired of always struggling to trim, cut or chamfer your pieces of wood for your carpentry or DIY projects ?
Here are the characteristics of this manual wood planer:

Planer material: Aluminum alloy + ABS plastic
Blade material: high strength carbon steel
Colors: Black and Red
Size: 16cm x 5.4cm x 3cm.

Why buy this professional hand plane from the Manublot brand?

This professional hand plane is innovative. It revolutionizes your woodworking while bringing comfort to the heart of your activity.

Thanks to its ergonomic and non-slip design , Manublot stands out for the quality of this tool .

It fits your hand perfectly, ensuring a secure, non-slip grip for precise work . This allows you to trim, cut and chamfer as you wish. Take a closer look at the following diagram, it allows you to understand the different functionalities of this hand plane .


The image illustrates how, in a few simple gestures, Manublot™ transforms a simple piece of wood into an elegant piece of joinery . This tool therefore saves you valuable time and effort on each project.

With Manublot™, carpentry and DIY become a pleasure. Adopt it now and discover a new way of working with wood!

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The Manublot manual wood plane: ideal for flattening wooden surfaces

This professional hand plane from the Manublot brand is explicitly made for working with wood. Very ergonomic, it greatly facilitates work for custom cutting and sharpening . Wood chips are easily removed and allow you to obtain even surfaces. Easy to use, here are some recommendations to follow to make the best use of it. 

For carpentry or cabinetmaking work, this precision tool is very useful. It allows you to even out the surfaces and saves you from having to use a saw. You will be able to easily remove the wooden edges that are obstructing your work. You can thus reduce thicknesses by adjusting the blade evenly.

It is equipped with a level to ensure that the leveling of the wood is done correctly. 

How to use this carpentry tool to make your cuts successfully? 

The blade of this  professional hand plane requires regular maintenance. Before each use,  it must undergo a small sharpening phase using sandpaper.

When you notice that it is sharp enough to perform your tasks, you can use your tool on the surface to be thinned . 

Over time, this action helps maintain a uniform blade and avoid irregularities in your work .