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Measangle™ Carpenters Edge Rule

Measangle™ Carpenters Edge Rule

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Let Measangle™ transform your workshop!

Say goodbye to inaccuracy and measurement errors that can ruin your craft work.

Measangle™, the edge ruler created by Didoutool, will be the new essential tool in your toolbox. You will not only change your ruler, but your entire workshop!


Measangle™ is designed to provide you with reference angle and length measurements with unrivaled accuracy. You will say goodbye to measurement errors that can ruin your project!

Get precise measurements with stainless steel instruments from Measangle™. We also have special squares in stock to facilitate your measurements on wood .


Measangle™ is made from stainless steel, which ensures unrivaled durability and precision. No more worrying about measuring errors or wearing out your ruler!

Enjoy the durability and precision of Measangle™ stainless steel


Thanks to its stainless steel, Measangle™ resists corrosion, guaranteeing its longevity and durability. This tool will always be at your service to help you carry out your projects with precision and efficiency.

Ensure durability with Measangle™

Whether you are a seasoned carpenter or a passionate DIYer, Measangle™ will bring unparalleled precision to your work, while being a durable tool that you can use for years. Transform your workshop with this essential tool!